Frequently Asked Questions

Hey Consumers!

1.What is

At Ur Indian Consumer, we strongly believe in the term ‘Consumer is the King’ and deserves nothing but the best. This autonomous platform is established with the help of Indian consumers for the Indian Consumers with the basic aim of lessening the gap between the producers and the consumers. Our platform shall help consumers express their grievances and seek redressal. Our aim is to provide a forum for consumers to celebrate a great experience or seek help in case of a bad one.

2. Is also available in .com domain?

We at Ur Indian Consumer believe in serving the needs of ‘Indian Consumers’. We take pride in having a .in domain to serve the needs of Indian consumer and continuing our fight against consumer malpractices and promoting the #UICFamily in providing them a platform to transform their ideas to realities, dreams into execution and grievances into social movements. 

Kindly note that Ur Indian Consumer is solely associated with the .in domain.

3. Do I need anything special to use it?

All you need is an internet connection and any electronic device. Our website is also optimized for a great experience on your mobile phone!

4. Do I need to always log in?

No consumer, just keep yourself logged in on the browser with your email and you are good to go!

5. What’s do I post?

Anything! Our website lets the ‘consumer’ in you decide the content. You control the content. We encourage you to post your heart out.

6. What’s is “Khushi Points”?

Great question! Khushi points are happiness points.  You get them by interacting with other people on the website by liking, sharing, commenting and posting. There are rumors that we give secrete Khushi points to people who post great content, but don’t tell anyone.

7. How do I post a picture on the feed?

Here is a step by step guide.First you need to log in; then go on create post; create a title add text suitable to the post; below that you will find the attachment option from where you will be able to attach pictures. After attaching your desired picture hit submit.

8. Can I edit a Post once I’ve posted it?

Yes, consumer you can edit the post. However, you cannot delete a post as of now.

Wish to suggest us any features to add? Let us know! [email protected]

9. Who reads my Posts?

Your post can be read by anyone online! Our website is the perfect platform for reaching out to millions of consumers like you. You want to promote your business? You want to bring about a social change? Imagine the possibilities!

10. Why can’t I see all my Posts? Are they lost?

We apologise for the inconvenience. If you have posted a post and it has not been taken down by the website moderators, kindly try reloading the page. At times we receive high traffic on our website and our servers can be slow in uploading the post. In case the technical difficulty persists refer to I need help (Question No.14).

11. Can I put my Affiliate links or Third-Party links on my profile?

Yes consumer! You can put your Affiliate or Third-Party links, subject to the conditions enumerated in the Terms & Conditions. Affiliate links or third-party links not in accordance with the terms & conditions will be taken down and may result in suspension/ ban of account indefinitely. Post user friendly links and use reasonable precaution while posting links from unknown websites.

12. My post has been taken down/ My Account has been blocked. What can I do?

Hey consumer, we regret the action taken against you. Such actions are taken only in four cases – firstly, if you have violated the terms and conditions, secondly, if you have violated the Privacy policy, and thirdly, in case you have exhibited hostile behavior or engaged in defamatory practice by using abusive language, and lastly, by the discretion of the administrator of the website. An appeal may be made in the first 3 cases. However, in the last case the suspension is permanent. Evasion of ban may attract additional bans and restrictions. 

Think we made a mistake? Kindly contact us with your account email and relevant details on [email protected] . Kindly note we are not obliged to reply to every person. In case your account/ post is relisted you will get an email notifying you the same.

Refer to the Terms & conditions and Privacy policy for further details.

13. I want to file a consumer complaint?

Click Here for a video tutorial & for instant help call 1800114000

14. I need help?

Hey, we got your back! In case of a technical error or difficulty using the website do contact us on [email protected]. We are more than willing to help you out. You can also tweet to us #AskUICweb. Kindly give us a period of 2 weeks to get back to you with a response in case of a personal grievance/ difficulty in operating the website. 

That’s it for the FAQs! FAQs drafted by Dhruv Nyayadhish.